Change Your Life #13: Joan of Arc

July 23, 2011

Joan of Arc


Thursday, March 1st, 1432, in the same place, the Bishop and 58 Assessors present.

In their presence, We summoned and required Jeanne simply and absolutely to take her oath to speak the truth on that which should be asked her.

“I am ready,” she replied, “as I have already declared to you, to speak the truth on all I know touching this Case; but I know many things which do not touch on this Case, and of which there is no need to speak to you. I will speak willingly and in all truth on all that touches this Case.”

We again summoned and required her; and she replied:

“What I know in truth touching the Case, I will tell willingly.”

And in this wise did she swear, her hands on the Holy Gospels. Then she said: “On what I know touching this Case, I will speak the truth willingly; I will tell you as much as I would to the Pope of Rome, if I were before him.”

Then she was examined as follows:

“What do you say of our Lord the Pope? and whom do you believe to be the true Pope?”

“Are there two of them?”


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