Play skillfully with a loud noise #20

August 8, 2011

the minutemen

900 LB of quivering sirloin strapped to a guitar

The crowd at the Anticlub last Friday was more than happy to thrust little hips and twirl little arms whever a distinct beat hovered in the aether for more than a moment, and this peppy acceptance stands in bold contrast to the outright confusion that’s greeted the band so often in the past. Lord knows the Minutemen are on the cutting edge of modern noise – with berserkly inventive melding of neotraditional elements (folk, punk, metal) and a collective songwriting arm that destroys the imaginary line most pensters see between personal and societal politics – but its never seemed as if many people are actually open to soemthing genuinely new. Maybe someone’s been sneaking smart pills into the water supply.


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