Lillian Gish Broken Blossoms

Lillian Gish in Broken Blossoms

(1919, US, D.W. Griffith)


Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times

(1936, US, Charlie Chaplin)

Tim Roth Made in Britain

Tim Roth in Made in Britain

(1982, UK, Alan Clarke)

Hee-Yeon Kim

Hee-yeon Kim in Treeless Mountain

(2008, South Korea, So Yong Kim)

Barbara Stanwyck Meet John Doe

Barbara Stanwyck in Meet John Doe

(1941, USA, Frank Capra)

Marie Falconetti

Renée Maria Falconetti in La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc)

(1928, DK/FR, Carl Th. Dreyer)

Sally Hawkins Happy Go Lucky 2

Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky

(2008, UK, Mike Leigh)

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Bette Davis - Now Voyager

Bette Davis in Now, Voyager

(1942, USA, Irving Rapper)

Gena Rowlands 4

Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence

(1974, USA, John Cassavetes)

Gena Rowlands 14
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James Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life

James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life

(1946, USA, Frank Capra)