Edward Hopper New York Movie

Edward Hopper, New York Movie 1939. Oil on canvas 32 1/ 4 x 40 1/8 in.


Wizz Jones & the hippies of Newquay, 1960

Short #30: He Needs Me

July 30, 2011

Sir Richard Bishop

1965, USA, Kenneth Anger

Glenn Jones

Fred Astaire in Swing Time (1936, USA, George Stevens)

1969, USA, Kenneth Anger

1953, USA, D.A. Pennebaker

Son House

In search of an idol who would not reject his social advances, he made a pilgrimage to Son House’s apartment in Rochester several months later, only to discover that the great blues singer was the laughing stock of his neighbors.

“Hi, Son!” they taunted him as Wilson escorted him to the corner liquor stor, their patronizing, simple-minded tone suggesting House’s dim-wittedness.

As House grew sodden on the wine Wilson bought for him, the blues fan suffered another letdown. The simple-mided blues singer became a surly drunk, bitterly cursing his wife as though she had ruined his existence.