Magic Markers Elisa

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Pull My Daisy
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Emma Goldman

Gentlemen of the Jury:

As in the case of my co-defendant, Alexander Berkman, this is also the first time in my life I have ever addressed a jury. I once had occasion to speak to three judges.

On the day after our arrest it was give out by the U. S. Marshal and the District Attorney’s office that the “big fish” of the No-Conscription activities had been caught, and that there would be no more trouble-makers and disturbers to interfere with the highly democratic effort of the Government to conscript its young manhood for the European slaughter. What a pity that the faithful servants of the Government, personified in the U. S. Marsha land the District Attorney, should have used such a weak and flimsy net for their big catch. The moment the anglers pulled their heavily laden net ashore, it broke, and all the labor was so much wasted energy.

The methods employed by Marshal McCarthy and his hosts of heroic warriors were sensational enough to satisfy the famous circus men, Barnum & Baily. A dozen or more heroes dashing up two flights of stairs, prepared to stake their lives for their country, only to discover the two dangerous disturbers and trouble-makers Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman, in their separate offices, quietly at work at their desks, wielding not a sword, nor a gun or a bomb, but merely their pens! Verily, it required courage to catch such big fish.
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Jack Rose

Pome 9

June 29, 2011

Wings of Desire

“I have always found that angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the only wise; this they do with a confident insolence sprouting from systematic reasoning.”
— William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

From Jacob to George Bailey, men have wrestled with angels and angels have wrestled with men. The twist Wim Wenders gives the story in Wings of Desire is to have angels wrestle with themselves. The last artist to do that was John Milton and the angel was named Satan.

Wenders’ angels are neither guardian nor avenging. They are witnesses – ideal observers who move from time to time, place to place, and person to person, eavesdropping on the most secret thoughts, most private moments in peoples’ lives – and deaths.
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& “Painting Box”
The Incredible String Band, Live 1968

Ron Asheton

Livin’ in division
in a shiftin’ scene

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Pome 8

June 27, 2011

Free Huey

In the deepness of a summer’s night
I was laughing at the stars so bright
With my hand outstretched towards the moon
In the deepness of a summer’s night

Though in winter rain gets in my shoes
And the cold wind creeps between the sheets
I blow bubbles on a lake of ice
In the deepness of a summer’s night

Golden apples fall like meteors of light
And the air is rich with earthworn flowers
Though its evening and I await my sleep
In the deepness of a summer’s night

Waters pour like nectar on the land
And the pages fade as faces do
And we fall as ones before the plow
In the deepness of a summer’s night

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2008, USA, Caveh Zahedi